An ALife Ecosystem Written in Visual Basic 5

If you have any comments or suggestion email Nigel Sim or add it to my ALife Suggestions. I am still trying to decide if I will release the source code. When I get to a more developed stage I will release the EXE file.


Last Updated: 13 December 1997





I've been thinking about this for a few months now. After seeing ALife Garden and a few ALife program I thought it would be good fun to try and write one myself. I only know very limited C++ so I decided to write it, for now anyway, in VB which I am quite fluent in.

Next came the hard part which I am still, and for a while to come, am working. How exactly will this world work.


There are many diffent areas to this so I will split my ideas up into them.

The World

The Creatures


The World

The world is a square 2D layout, with the food and creatures placed randomly accross the area. Currently there is no terrain but clumps of substances and terrain such as water and hills could be added to produce pools of creatures that are vastly different to the rest. The planned terrains are water, plains, hills, and rocks.

The Creatures