The "Get The Porkers Air-Play " Page

Basicly, this page is to attract and encourage people to request The Porkers on their radio station. Now in Australia that will most probably be Triple J. So I am providing links to all the places at Triple J that you can vote at. I am mostly interested in the Net50, which is a weekly countdown of songs voted by listeners. So here we go...Vote as many times as you like... (BTW you can listen to Triple J over the net with RA from here.)

Songs I think should be voted for:

The Porkers - Schooners Of The Black
The Porkers - Hit The Ground Running
The Porkers - X-Factor
The Porkers - Chemical Imbalance
The Porkers - Skankn' Carpark Blues
The Porkers - Deep Breath
The Porkers - Big Backyard

Places to request/vote:

Triple J's Net50
Triple J's Requests Page

Other Links

The Porkers Homepage
The ABC Homepage
The Triple J Homepage


I think I will eventually change this into a get SKA/Punk Air-Play page, but for now The Porkers is what I would like to hear.